Where is Belize and Why Would You Go There?

To answer your question; “Where is Belize Located Geographically?”. We will start simply by guiding you from the popular destination in Mexico, Cancun, a coastal destination famous among travellers. From there continue following the coast south into Central America.

You will find Ambergris Caye, This is Belize’s first and most popular coastal destination. Here; the Belize Barrier reef is just 1 mile away from both Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker to the east.

It is well-known that the location of Belize is that it’s a country in Central America border by Mexico to the East and Guatemala in the West and south.

Countries that share a border with Belize

The Mexican state, Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula, shared its border with Belize to the South. Travelling by Sea you would arrive at Ambergris Caye, by land Corozal District.

The Department of Peten in Guatemala shares its eastern border with Belize. Here the district of Orange Walk, Cayo and Toledo district of Belize shares the border.

The southern district of Belize also shares its border with Guatemala’s Izabel Department.

Travelling due west from the island nation, Jamaica on the Caribbean sea you will without a doubt land on the shores of Belize.

The Caribbean sea lies east of Belize and one of the reasons why you want to visit.

Locating Belize

Latitude: 17° 14′ 60.00″ N
Longitude: -88° 45′ 59.99″ W

Why would you travel to Belize, here are some fun facts?

  • Belize is the only country in Central America, where the official language is English.
  • Belize was once a British colony called British Honduras, so you could say Belize was owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England.
  • The US dollar is accepted everywhere at an exchange rate of 2BZD to 1USD. Banks offer a little less on the exchange.
  • The Country is 2 hours to 2.5 hours away from the United State by flight.
  • With a little common sense applied you will find that Belize is a very safe country.
  • It is home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef.
  • It is the location of the Great Blue Hole a Unesco World Heritage site.
  • Once home to Maya Civilization.
  • The Worlds only Jaguar Preserve.
  • It has 4 major highways.
  • Belize City is the largest city and was once the Capital.
  • The Capital is Called Belmopan City (Belmopan by locals).
  • Many Expats live among the Belizean people 0f various ethnicity: Belizean Creole (kriol), Mestizo, Maya and Garifuna.
  • Sports enjoyed in the Country are Soccers (football), Basketball. America Football is a favourite sport watched by Belize who enjoys the Super Bowl.

Because of Belize's unique location, it has plenty of sites and attractions.

As you will see from Travel Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor along with other social media site and travel guide on the internet. Belize plenty of things to do. BelizeTravelCentral.com short guide can help you plan your vacation a little better, and possibly find the best time to visit Belize. You can visit the Belize Tourism Board website for more in Belize also. The Government of Belize has taken considerable steps to grow and promote the country as one of Central America top travel destination.

Belize Adventure must-see sites or activities are Actun Tunich Muknal (ATM Cave), Caracol Ruins, Lamanai Ruins, Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins, Scuba diving or Snorkeling the Barrier Reef and Atolls, Great Blue hole, Sport Fishing.

Places to go: Placencia, San Pedro, Hopkins Village, Tobacco Caye, San Ignacio, Dangriga, Turneffe Island, Caye Caulker, Punta Gorda Town, Glover’s reef and Monkey River.

Another unique feature of Belize it’s International Airport, along with the cruise ship ports, they make up the two main ways tourist arrive in the country. Another port that makes Belize country profile is the Port of Big Creek, once the main for exporting Banana.

belize map
Belize Map

Top News about Belize in America (USA)

Belize was already on many Americans travel radar before the covid pandemic. News of many of the airlines offering non-stop flights to this beautiful destination in Central America. Many Articles talk about the flights to Belize or as a place to visit, here is a few blog posts.

  1. Dever Post: August 15, 2016 – Southwest Airlines adding nonstop flight from Denver to Belize City
  2. Yahoo News: March 2, 2021 – Belize was listed as one of the few countries welcoming vacationers. news.yahoo.com/countries-welcome-american-vacationers-safest-184056478.html
  3. Breaking Belize News: May 27, 2021 – Alaska Airline introduce a non-stop flight to Belize. www.breakingbelizenews.com/2021/05/27/alaska-airlines-releases-flight-schedule-to-belize/

For many of you reading this article, Belize will be a new destination to visit. Just in case you are wondering is Belize safe to visit? or is Belize Dangerous? we have an article that covers Belize safety.

Belize International Airport (BZE)

The Philip S. Goldson International Airport is located near the old capital of the country Belize City. It is the main airport where all international flights will arrive and depart.

If you are planning to visit Belize from North America or South America, you will find that this is the only International Airport, which is not open 24/7. It is easy to navigate around and have just about all amenities of any international Airport. One thing you should know is that there is no ride share service available. There are taxi and car rental service on-site, you can also arrange a private or shared shuttle as well as taking domestic flights to places in Belize. 

belize location and US flights

Domestic Flights

Once at the International Airport your connecting flight, to the Districts, towns or Villages in Belize are provided by Tropic Air or Maya Island Air.

You can fly to other location such as:

  • San Pedro (Ambergris Caye)
  • Caye Caulker
  • Caye Chapel
  • Corozal
  • Placencia
  • Dangriga
  • Punta Gorda
  • San Ignacio

ON your trip to Belize William’s shuttle service is a great ground transportation service for the solo traveller, a Couple, Group or family.

Belize is certainly a country you want to seek out a visit to. Its ideal location makes it super easy to visit and travel around. We hope you find the page useful and the answer to your question; "Where is Belize Located?".

The best time to go to Belize is in February to April, which is the driest time of the year while July is the wettest month. High season runs from mid December to April. The rest of the May, June and July are great for summer time visit. August, September, October and November are less crowded, lodging is discounted and the tropical diversity is most evident during this time of year.

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