San Ignacio Belize

San Ignacio is located on the western side of Belize in the Cayo District. It is the largest, and second most populated district in Belize. Measuring over 2000 square miles, San Ignacio Cayo consist of thick jungle, mountains, waterfalls and Jungle Rivers. Being the center of business and tourism, San Ignacio Belize offers the best travel destination for eco-tourists and adventure travelers.

San Ignacio Town

Together with its twin town-Santa Elena, San Ignacio Belize is the premier inland tourist location. It is only two hours away from both the International Airport and the popular Tikal, Guatemala. San Ignacio is the home of bustling streets filled with shops, cafes and friendly people. A tour through the town takes you to the biggest farmers market in Belize. The market flourishes with fresh fruits and vegetables, artisans and local food. It definitely is the best place to meet people and learn more about the Belizean culture. The Welcome Center in down town San Ignacio is the highlight of the town – a tourist information and attraction center. This unique center has a small museum, restaurants, cafes and the central bus stop. The Welcome Center hosts public movie nights, live Belizean bands and much more! Down Town San Ignacio or Burns Avenue is a popular tourists area. This street entertains restaurants, bars, gift shops and tour operators. San Ignacio’s night life is hosted on Burns Avenue with exotic Belizean music and local food.

Where to eat in San Ignacio Belize?

San Ignacio town flourishes with Belizean food! For Breakfast, stop in at Pops Restaurant or Ko’ox Han nah for the tastiest fry jacks and johnny cakes.  As a matter of fact, their menu has choices for vegetarians, or you can simply place your special order. Above all, enjoy great customer service and wholesome food! As for lunch and dinner, Places such as: Eva’sCenaida’sThe Crave, Guava limbRolson’s Cantina or San Ignacio Steak House offers food with a taste of excellence. The Tandoor Restaurant serves authentic Indian food, meanwhile the Chinese bloom at every corner serving fried foods. In addition to these are small restaurants serving fast food or street side tacos and tamales. If you want frozen drinks or coffee, Vivians Café or Blended offers great drinks. Visit Bambu Tee (Bubble Tea) for great Taiwanese smoothies.

What to do in San Ignacio?

With so many attractions in San Ignacio, choosing one activity is difficult! All tours in Belize are scenic which makes it even more challenging to only choose one. Explore Ancient Mayan sites on foot or horseback riding, or you can hike nature trails to magnificent caves. Choose canoeing or tubing down the Belize river, or simply enjoy swimming at the natural waterfalls and pools.  Saturday Farmers Market is a great way to meet new people and learn about Belizean food and culture. Market Day begins early in the Morning. Enjoy the bustling of town while buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Meet artists and taste the local food. Learn about Belizean spices and collect souvenirs to take back home. San Ignacio’s Farmers Market is the biggest market held in Belize-don’t miss out! The Green Iguana Conservation  Project is an exhibit located at the San Ignacio Hotel in town. Their goal is to save the endangered species and educate people about the roles the green iguanas play in nature. Since 1996, this project led hundreds of visitors to learn more about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process. This two hour tour is both fun and exhilarating. Get a chance to meet and take photos with huge green iguanas or tiny baby ones. These gentle creatures will warm your heart and you’ll never want to leave! The Green Iguana Conservation Project is self-sustained and thereby introduces the “Adopt an iguana program”, and the “Iguana kids club”. Both are a success in fostering relationships between species and visitors, and additionally funding scholarships. It is the #1 place to visit, and was awarded with the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

Where to Stay in San Ignacio?