Hopkins Belize

Hopkins Village sits on the coast of Stann Creek District in Belize. This tiny community-population 1500, is surrounded by the Maya Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. It is known as a traditional fishing village established in the 19th century.

Hopkins Belize is a Traditional Garifuna village flourishing with culture, friendly people and good food. Some people say that it is the friendliest village in Belize. This ethnic group existed from the mixture of West African Slaves with indigenous Amerindians from South America. As a matter of fact, November 19 marks the memorable Garifuna Settlement Day. Hopkins comes alive with drumming, the famous John Canoe dance, authentic Garifuna meals and a reenactment ceremony. This is a fascinating celebration and everyone is invited!

Where to eat in Hopkins Belize?

Garifunas believe in cooking healthy, wholesome meals. They are farmers and fishermen, and many meals includes: plantain, cassava (yucca), sweet potato, fish, conch and so much more. Believe it or not, there are at least 10 different ways to cook eat item- bake, roast or boil as we would say in Kriol. Apart from these exotic meals, are other restaurants serving great food as well. For instance, Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café and Love on the Rocks offers a variety of Caribbean and International cuisine. While other restaurants such as: Hamanasi RestaurantJaguar Reef Lodge Restaurant and Barracuda Bar and Grill are exceptional for dining.

Fun places like Luba Laruga RestaurantDriftwood Beach Baru0026amp; Pizza Shack and Stone Grill Restaurant are perfect for exotic drinks and good food.

How to get around Hopkins Belize?

Rent a sport bike or cruiser motorcycle to get around on your own. On the other hand, you can rent a comfortable Golf Cart to explore Hopkins and Sittee River.

What to do in Hopkins Belize?

Apart from being the only Cultural Destination in Belize, Hopkins offers a great amount of water and wildlife activities. Get a chance to dive, snorkel and paddle board around small cayes or at the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. You can also take things up a notch and cruise on a wooden sailboat to the reef. If you enjoy fly fishing, spin fishing or trolling, you can book your tour with any local guide in Hopkins Belize.

Inland Adventure includes hiking, zip lining, swimming and horseback riding. You can even choose to do the incredible bioluminescence tour.

The highlight of visiting Hopkins is drumming and cooking! Both are very interesting and definitely addicting.

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